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10 Best Home Office Accessories

Posted On By Emma Murray

Office accessories may seem simple and common, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy them. It’s time to throw away the boring home office accessories that match your personality and change it to something that increases your productivity all at once!

The list below will show you some of the best desk accessories to organize your home office for a productive work experience.

  • Desk Organizer

A desk organizer is one of the desk accessories you’ll need to acquire. It should have multiple compartments to hold several things that can gather on your desk to keep them sorted and tidy.

  • Desk Mat

These are great ways to upgrade your desktop in an instant. They add beauty to your desk’s appearance, and they have a functional advantage. 

A quality mat protects your keyboard or laptop and prevents your desk surface from scratches and wear.

Desk mats make your writing and drawing smoother and more pleasurable.

  • Desk Plant and Pot

A small plant on your home desk can reduce stress as it gives a small amount of oxygen. It also preserves the level of air humidity around your desk.

Aside from the plant itself, the cute plant potters can also be a companion as you work. Look for one that complements your desk’s theme. 

  • Desk Lamp

Looking for a classic desk accessory? A desk lamp will never be wrong. A good desk lamp can add style to your desk and also reduce eye strain. 

Get one that gives good directional light for detailed desk work. It’s possible to find a lamp that can fit any aesthetic, so look for the one that fits your personality.

  • Tape Dispenser

You can eventually use the free plastic tape dispenser that comes with the tape but, the moment you experience a quality tape dispenser, you will find it hard to go back using those free ones.

Quality, weighted tape dispensers can be easily used with one hand, and a sharp quality blade can cut the tape with less frustration. Aside from these benefits, there are also lots of creative tape dispensers that can blend well with the theme of your desk.

  • Quality Staplers

These accessories are so common that people tend to always forget about them. You wouldn’t know you don’t have it unless you need to use it. Staplers are must-have desk accessories that will complete your home office.

  • Metal Scissors 

Quality scissors cut easier and are comfortable to use. Look for one that can last for a lifetime – find a pair that has cast alloy handles and blades of stainless steel. Sharpen them periodically to maintain their sharpness.

  • Pen and Pencil Holder

Your desk will not be a home office if there is no pen holder. You can use an old coffee mug, but you can upgrade it with a cute piece that fits your theme for a better desk style.

  • Photo Frames

Another classic desk accessory is photo frames. The standard frames have family photos, but you can always think beyond and be more creative. You can also have landscapes from your vacation framed, as well as quotes that encourage you.

  • Post-It Dispenser

Having a dispenser for your post-it notes may not be essential, but they make the cutest desk accessories for your home office. Choose a style with a slightly heavy build to avoid getting knocked down easily as you pick the notes out.

The essential home office accessories listed above will complete your home desk setup. It will eventually add style to your desk and enhance productivity as you work.

Emma Murray

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