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4 Pro Buying Tips for Snowboarding & Skiing Goggles

Posted On By Emma Murray

The goggles are considered as one of the essential pieces in snowboarding and skiing. For those who like to enjoy a day on the slopes, you must have protection for your eyes – which is why they’re so crucial!

Any snowboarder or skier can attest to its importance. Not being able to see the snow trail clearly can lead to accidents and worse injuries. 

As a remedy, snow goggles or ski goggles offer the basics but essential protection against the sun, debris, cold, and wind. However, other vital features need extra consideration beyond their basic features, especially for those planning to buy one. 

However, buying goggles is easier said than done. Because of the vast array of brands and features to look at, chances are, people will have difficulties choosing the right one for them. But that should not be the experience everyone has to go through. 

Instead of going through the overwhelming process of choosing the right snowboard or ski goggles, refer to these very easy but practical buying tips. Choose the Color of the Lens 

Each lens color has a particular way to filter light to provide better eyesight and comfort. Snowboarders or skiers can easily choose the lens color based on the weather conditions and the light that they will likely come across while doing the sport. Selecting the proper lens color provides them with crystal clear vision and better depth perception of the snow trail they are heading into. 

Lighter lens colors such as green, blue, yellow, and amber are perfect for overcast skies with fogs and clouds. For sunny days, it is appropriate to choose dark-colored lenses such as dark coppers, black, brown, and polarized lenses to reduce the glaring reflection from the ice or snow. 

If the sun is so bright, it would be best to wear snow goggles with mirrored lenses. In that way, it can bounce back more glare and light from the sun compared to non-mirrored lenses.

Check the Goggles’ Visibility Light Transmission Percentage. 

Reputable brands provide their patrons with the visible light transmission percentage. It is to indicate the amount of light the lenses can filter through. It would be best for those who ride in overcast or gloomy conditions to choose goggles with higher VLT percentage lenses. It allows the right level of light to pass through without distorting the vision of the snowboarder or skier. 

For bright conditions, it is advisable to choose goggles with lower VLT percentage lenses to reduce glaring.

Choose the Lens Shape That Fits Perfectly. 

Novice snowboarders or skiers are advised to wear goggles with flat lenses. It promotes better peripheral vision because of its curved horizontal shape but remains relatively flat in a vertical manner. 

For advanced snowboarders or skiers, they prefer spherical lenses, which are curved in both horizontal and vertical manner. It is designed to minimize visual distortion, fogging, and glaring aside from providing better peripheral vision. 

With that in mind, it is best to test the snow goggles personally to see which one fits best. 

Look for Other Key Features

Aside from lenses, it is also essential to prioritize the proper fitting, ventilation, and anti-fog features of the snowboarding goggles. These are significant features that will affect the comfort and performance of the person wearing them. 

The right fit means it will comfortably fit on the upper cheeks of the face and the upper part of the eyebrows. Proper ventilation feature also helps reduce fogging inside the goggles. It also provides better airflow as well as comfort. Anti-fog features can either be the lenses or the built-in vents of the goggles themselves to prevent moisture buildup while riding the slopes. 

Final Thoughts

Snow goggles are essential equipment that helps a skier or a snowboarder keep their focus while riding the slopes. With this in mind, it is crucial to keep in mind the buying tips listed above to buy the right pair. Wearing carefully chosen snowboarding or ski goggles will not just improve performance but also ensure safety and comfort.

Emma Murray

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