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The objective of the warehouse storage system is to effectively utilize the space to provide the best suitable storage area for the company’s inventory. This requires excellent organizational skills, which companies like Elbow Room master so that space can be used effectively, inventory items can be located easily without hassle, and also helps workers in stacking and navigating.

Every company has a different requirement. Therefore, the perfect warehouse storage solutions that are needed depend on the functioning and condition of the company. 

Here are some of these warehouse storage solutions that are explained for better understanding.

Selective Pallet Rack Overview:

This storage solution will work for the company when the first inventory brought in and stored is the first inventory to be taken out. First-in, first-out is the phrase that is used. Works beneficially if the product is to be loaded and unloaded from the front only. This is preferred when the product is required to be in continuous circulation, and all items in the inventory need to be accessed without disturbing or relocating another item.

 Static Shelving:

This storage solution is aimed at when the company’s inventory doesn’t have to be moved very frequently. It is also preferable when the inventory is light in weight. However, they are not compatible with forklifts; hence this storage solution has opted when the merchandise is to be manually picked, relocated, and organized.

 Mezzanine flooring:

If the expense and the budget is not a problem, the company can prefer mezzanine flooring. This is a very practical storage solution that can be implemented even in smaller storage spaces. It is the construction of a second, third, or even fourth flooring over the main storage area. The customization options available in this are astounding! The company can add in lighting if they prefer, wherever or construct conveyors or life-systems, for starters

Wire Partitions:

This storage solution is meant to be used when it is required for it to be installed and then taken down or torn off quickly right after. They are strategically constructed and effectively placed to act like a cage protecting the inventory inside. This is preferred by the company when their inventory items or products need exceptional security. In some cases, these also act as make-shift office cabins for employees that work at the warehouse. This confirms their stability and the ease with which it can be built or taken down.

Carton Flow Rack Overview:

Carton flow rack storage systems are usually preferred when they require inclined rollers or wheels to support the inventory items to glide from the back or loading aisle to the front or picking aisle. In addition, this type of storage solution is most effective when the companies need to store inventory items of different and varying sizes and date-sensitive products. Beverage bottles, for starters, can be held here.

Pallet Flow Rack Overview:

All companies find it especially beneficial to use the pallet flow racking system to hold inventory items packed in large boxes. These boxes are placed on the pallet racking using an automated mechanism or a forklift, depending on their heights and sizes. The inventory items glide from the back or the loading aisle to the front of the picking aisle.

There are several different ways of warehouse storage. The company must choose a warehouse storage solution most suitable for their requirement for the highest efficiency and satisfaction. 

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