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Why are Jockstraps Essential for Active Men?

Posted On By Emma Murray

The origins of Jockstraps go back to the year 1874. This undergarment was originally created to aid male bicyclists who used to cycle around the streets of Boston. Jockstraps were invented by C. F Bennett from the company Sharp &Smith. The male bicyclists in Boston had to cycle over roads that were lined with cobblestones. It put their genital area at great risk for injury. Today, men’s jockstraps comprise of a supportive front panel that is kept in its place by an elastic waistband and two straps made of elastic that go around the sides of the hips. It leaves the backside open. 

Some jockstraps consist of a pouch in the front that can hold a sturdy plastic cup. It prevents the risk of severe injury in contact sports. 

But why is this kind of undergarment so useful for active men? Let us find out more about it. 

 Function of jockstraps

The primary motive of this undergarment is to hold and support the male genitals and keep them in place. It also suppresses more than usual motion. The major advantage of men’s jockstraps is their capacity for the protective cup. 

Sports like soccer, gymnastics, hockey, baseball, basketball, and football make men vulnerable to many kinds of injuries. Jockstraps are recommended for those who regularly take part in these sports. For men playing those sports that carry a high chance of hitting them in their groin, it’s a good idea to wear such protective undergarments. Neglecting their usage can even result in men losing their testicles in case of a severe sports injury!

What Makes Jockstraps a Comfortable Undergarment?

  • Men’s jockstraps provide a high level of comfort. Several jockstraps are available, like the banana cup, multi-straps, and the like. The presence of numerous styles ensures that you can easily pick the one that provides you the most comfort.
  • You can use different types of jockstraps for various activities. For example, you can use a different pair for leisure activity and another for sporting activity. It is good to have extra pairs of jockstraps for various activities as their shape remains unaffected. It also accounts for the comfort and support that they provide.
  • Jockstraps are available in many fabrics. You can choose one according to the purpose of your use. If you want to use them as a style statement, you can use those available in cotton and nylon. If you’re going to use them for intimacy, you can go for one made of silky fabric. The vast variety in their designs means that you will almost never get bored with them.
  • Suppose you want good protection for the abdominal region. In that case, you have to minimize the amount of tightness in the pouch. For this, you can explore different types of men’s jockstraps and find one which seems a right fit. When you wear undergarments that fit you correctly, you will automatically start feeling more confident. 
  • Jockstraps are available in a range of colors ranging from bright to dark. They are also available in other multicolored options as well as in stripes and solid shapes. 

Men love to be physically active. Jockstraps have a simple and effective design. You can wear them at all times irrespective of whether you are participating in a physically demanding activity or not. 

Emma Murray

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