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7 Ways To Have the Best Gym Experience in the Comfort of Your Home

Posted On By Emma Murray

The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has a massive impact on everyday living. Because of the inflicted lockdown, businesses are forced to temporarily stop their services to control the virus’s rapid spread. Everyone’s physical and mental health is greatly at risk. 

Going to the gym is one of the routines that you surely miss during this time. Now that health experts are imposing social distancing, gyms are temporarily closed. Having your scheduled workouts has a huge contribution to relieving your stress. Working out with your favorite Gym Equipment adds a different glow up in burning your calories. Worry no more because you can bring the gym to your home! Here are the must-have pieces of gym equipment for your home workout.

Power Weighted Jump Rope

Based on Science Daily, skipping rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to running an 8-minute mile. Yes, you read that right! Weighted jump ropes give you a full-body workout and provide you with an anaerobic and aerobic exercise for strengthening your heart and toning your body. Also, using a weighted jump rope improves your core strength and posture. 

A Set of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a powerful workout tool not only because of their affordable price but because they improve the quality of your exercise. These bands come in different designs depending on your target muscle to workout with. With its variety of uses, you can work your full muscle from extension to contraction and give you the best result. 

Adjustable Dumbbell Pair

Adjustable dumbbell pair is a perfect addition to your home gym! You don’t want workout equipment to eat up your home space because you need more weights. With these pairs, you can replicate up to a 13-piece dumbbell set. Dumbbells maximize your muscle development and are safer for some exercise. 


Kettlebell is considered a complete body conditioning tool. It can be used for strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance training. Moreover, kettlebells’ movements are immensely dynamic. Moving around with it will entail that you are aware of your body. It helps you develop your sense of movement, which is important to your fitness.

Balance Ball

Stability or exercise ball is a workout tool that you should consider adding to your home gym. It can be a bit difficult to start with as you learn to obtain your balance, but once you know the trick, you will love how simple it can get to contribute to your balance, muscle and core isolation, coordination, and flexibility.  It can relieve some complications related to your back and spine. 

Adjustable Exercise Bench

The cornerstone of all Gym Equipment is the flat/incline/decline exercise bench. This equipment is great for your upper body strength. Working out at different angles can strengthen your back muscles and improve your flexibility. It offers wide-range full-body workout combinations and can also help you lose belly fat. 

Home Treadmill

Shed your calories and weight with your home treadmill. You can control your aspects in your workout by changing the incline, speed, warm-up and cool-down periods, and energy periods. Running on this equipment can generally burn your calories faster than other forms of home exercise. 

Start investing in your home gym—workout without literally going to the gym and pay for a membership fee. Moreover, you can access it anytime and let your family join your workout routines. 

Emma Murray

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