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Online Training Opportunities for Law Careers

Posted On By Emma Murray

Accredited online schools and colleges are available for students who wish to gain the education needed for a career in law. There are a number of areas students can choose to specialize in including business, civil, criminal, environmental, entertainment, family, personal injury, real estate law, and much more. Gaining and accredited education can be done by enrolling in an online learning program that offers bachelor, master, and doctorate level degrees in this exciting field.

Training for a Juris Doctor (J.D.) in law will require students to complete around three years of study. Students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to work with a number of people in various situations based on their desired area of concentration. Specific coursework may consist of:

  • Legal Writing
  • Patent Law
  • Securities Regulations
  • Torts
  • Ethics

…and many other related areas of study. Prospective law students can gain the skills they need to enter into a successful career by studying these subjects. Students will need to take and pass the state bar exam in order to practice law. With a Juris Doctor students can expect to earn somewhere around $110,000 annually according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Training at this level will prepare those who wish to further their education and obtain a Master of Laws Degree.

Gaining an accredited Master of Laws Degree (L.L.M.) can be done by enrolling in an online learning program. Students can receive all the necessary training by completing an additional year of study. Students can learn a number of subjects by completing coursework such as:

  • Local and State Taxation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Litigation
  • Evidence
  • Civil Procedure
  • Legal Method

…and much more. With training at this level students will have the skills and knowledge needed to begin a successful career in the field of law. In order to practice law students must first take and pass the state bar exam. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics lawyers with this level of education earned around $126,000 annually. Students can enter into the workforce or pursue a higher degree in this field by enrolling in an accredited online program.

Obtaining a Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D) can be done by gaining an education through an online school or college. Students can receive all the training needed to enter into their desired career are with an additional two to five years of accredited study. Specific coursework will depend on the specialized area chosen by each individual student. Study may consist of:

  • Legal Research
  • Law Office Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Philosophy of Law

…and many other related areas of study. Students who wish to obtain a master of Juridical Science degree can do so by obtaining knowledge in these areas and more. The medium annual salary for professionals at this level is anywhere from $130,000 to $145,000 depending on the place of employment and area of expertise.

Students can start the career of their dreams by gaining an accredited degree in law. All levels of educational training will allow students to learn communication, legal writing, contracts, and more. Students can also study legal and paralegal, business law, tax law, internet law, and more. Enrollment will provide the training needed to be successful professionals.

Accreditation is provided by various agencies such as the American Bar Association () to schools and colleges. Accreditation is a programs proof that a quality education will be received. Not all education in this field may be obtained online so students should look into this prior to enrollment. Start by learning more about the accredited online law degree program of your choice and enrolling today.

Emma Murray

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